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Understanding Educational Travel Trips

As a teacher, if you are considering taking your class on a trip you will recognise that first and foremost that trip must be educational. Travel with school can certainly be rewarding academically, but it should also be fun so students get an all-round experience of the country they are visiting. Educational travel is best booked with a recommended travel company experienced in organising school trips for young people. By choosing to book with such a company you are ensuring your trip will be highly organised, extremely productive and lots of fun.

Travel for School Groups

There are some excellent companies in the business of organising school trips and who offer fantastic opportunities for studying abroad. Drawing from years of experience working in different countries and with professional teams of local providers, these companies offer their trips with confidence. The tours are designed to take the stress out of the process for teachers and organisers, leaving them free to concentrate their efforts on promoting and managing the educational aims and study goals of the group. These companies believe that educational travel is fundamental for the academic development of young people and offer trips that aim to challenge students, expose them to new discoveries, and offer them the chance to grow socially and personally too.

Educational travel can be arranged in a multitude of countries and cover all manner of subjects across the National Curriculum. New trips are always being featured and existing popular ones are constantly tweaked and altered to keep up with new trends and new excursion possibilities. The wonderful thing about school trips is that any subject can be the focus, and individual itineraries can be designed so that every aim of the trip is accommodated. Many combine a number of subjects, and if there is not an itinerary that ticks all your boxes, call the company you plan to book with and they may be able to design a bespoke option for you.

One of the greatest advantages of booking your school trips with professional travel companies is that they are protected by all of the relevant travel insurance bodies should anything untoward occur. You, as the organiser, can relax in the comfort of knowing that under the umbrella of the company you and your students are fully protected, as far as the trip goes.

Most travel companies that organise these tours for young people are part of the Education Travel Group, a professional UK tour operator involved in organising travel arrangements for educational establishments, offering them support and advice regarding safety and financial security.

Most importantly, booking with a travel company means that parents have peace of mind regarding the safety of their child. They can be certain that the company is committed to providing successful, educational and memorable tours.