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Nokia N95 – Hi-tech Gadget

While discussing about Nokia N95, features that comes into notice are high-quality stills, excellent video recording; top-notch calling and messaging tools. So, if your requirement is the aforesaid features then don’t waste your time just avail the opportunity to grab Nokia N95. People usually say that phone that comprises of all these features raises the value of the mobile phone; but you don’t worry about money as Nokia N95 is easily available under the deals offered by the network providers. Nokia N95 is powered by S60 3rd edition software on Symbian OS; the N95 incorporates features like DVD quality video recorder, Megapixel camera, high-end connectivity and enough memory to boost.

Nokia N95 is finished up with a flip design so user just has to twist and turn the phone to open camera. Nokia N95 camera offers its user to capture life moments and store on the photo album. The Nokia N95 has offered a 3.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics to its user. The camera comes with a digital zoom, flash and auto focus. It get the far off object captured in the mobile phone it offers 3x optical zoom. With its camera, nokia N95 offers ultimate video experience. So, it can be said that Nokia N95 is a superb camera phone that it entailed with digital camcorder.

Nokia N95 T contract phone enables its user to access Internet on phone with Nokia Web browser. Moreover, it is followed by Bluetooth technology, GPRS, EDGE, tri-band network, WCDMA and many advanced software. With the nokia N95, user enjoys high-end seamless connectivity.

The voice quality on nokia N95 is excellent; so user enjoys handling voice and video calls with ease. The keypad of nokia N95 is easy to use for anyone; user finds himself equipped with a massive, comfortable and responsive keypad as well as the ability to display in the range of 170 characters on-screen.

For releasing the warmth to the ears Nokia N95 is featured with radio and MP3. So, user can tune into radio stations on the integrated stereo FM radio and enjoy relaxing the day away. Well, 3G smartphone makes the user to download the files or pictures without much of worry as it supports memory of up to 50MB. To add more, user uses miniSD card which allows him to capture 2500 high quality photos and DVD-like quality video on his mobile phone. User can transfer videos and photos from the memory card to PC to keep the gadgets updated.