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Real Estate For Sale In Itacimirim, Bahia, Brazil – A Bird’s Eye View

Situated just 5 km from Praia do Forte, Itacimirim with its long empty and quiet beaches presents a very different picture from the tourist town near it. The proximity to Praia do Forte and the city of Salvador is a great advantage as real estate here is always expected to be in high demand.

There is plenty of real estate for sale in Itacimirim for those interested in this peaceful location. People who visit Praia do Forte, but would prefer to stay in a relatively uncrowded environment will be interested in Itacimirim. Its large beaches are also excellent for all types of water sports.

Real Estate For Sale In Itacimirim – An Overview

In Itacimirim, you will find a variety of real estate options. Many different types of apartments, houses, hotels and land are available. Most real estate options are on waterfront locations or close to the beaches.

Most apartments are recently built and you may sometimes find apartments that are still under construction. Houses are relatively new when compared to other places in Bahia and with relatively modern architecture. Hotels are available for purchase for those who are interested in starting a commercial venture. There is plenty of land on offer in various sizes, locations and suited for multiple purposes, both residential and commercial.


Apartment condos in Itacimirim are located on the island near excellent seafront or beach-front locations. Price starts from about R$225,000 and can go up to R$500,000 depending upon the size and features. An average apartment will cost about R$280,000.

Apartments are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 40 to 140 sq. meters of built-up area and two to three bedrooms. In the higher price ranges you can get one or two suites. Expect all commonly found facilities in an apartment condo.

Facilities such as a pool, parking, round the clock security, green areas or gardens and barbecue facilities are usually available. Some condos also provide more facilities like fancy pools, tennis courts, concierge, cleaning services and well designed gardens. Very often, apartments are partially or fully furnished.


Just like apartments, houses in Itacimirim are located on the island, close to lovely beaches and usually on seafront locations. It is also possible to find houses within the town. Houses are usually located in gated communities or condominiums. Prices range from R$340,000 to R$1,250,000 with an average cost of about R$772,000. Houses and plot sizes vary widely for a given price range depending upon the age and state of the construction and the facilities provided.

At the lower range, for prices up to R$1,000,000, you are likely to get three to five bedroom houses with two to three suites and about 100 to 400 sq. meters of constructed area. Plot sizes can vary between 150 to 1500 sq. meters. Pool, garden, parking, etc., are almost always available, but sometimes you may also get a fully furnished house. It is not uncommon to find one or more of additional facilities like barbecue, kennel, guest houses, employee quarters or a playground.

High end houses in Itacimirim are usually priced between R$1,000,000 and R$1,300,000. These are excellent pieces of real estate usually located in non-crowded upscale condominiums on prime locations near the lake, beach or land with sea view. Houses of about 400 sq. meters built-up area are constructed on plots of about 1200 sq. meters.

At the higher range you can expect four to six suites or bedrooms. Most houses are furnished and many are air-conditioned. You can expect fancy pools and maybe a separate pool for children. The houses often have well designed gardens and a garage to park one or more vehicles is also usually available.

Depending upon the condominium, you will find plenty of attractive common facilities like jacuzzi, gym, sauna, tennis courts, game rooms, play areas and jogging tracks. Round the clock security, wireless internet, water storage, bar, grill, employee quarters, assembly room, etc. may also be available. Some condos even provide a helipad.


Those who are interested in investing in a commercial venture can consider purchasing hotels in Itacimirim. Hotels are available from R$500,000 to R$2,000,000. The plot areas vary from 1500 to 2000 sq. meters and construction sizes from 400 to 900 sq. meters. A pool is usually available and some buildings are fully furnished including air-conditioning.

Hotels usually consist of a set of rooms, suites or apartments. Other features typically required for running a hotel like reception, laundry, game courts, water storage facilities, employee quarters, function room, bar and restaurant may be available depending on the price.


Land is an excellent option if you prefer to construct your own house or commercial outlet instead of buying a ready-made one. A lot of land is available in Itacimirim usually in plot sizes of 1000 to 6000 sq. meters. Cost varies between R$200,000 and R$2,000,000 depending on the location and size. An average piece of land will cost you about R$740,000.

There are many options below R$ 500,000. In this range you can expect land sizes between 1000 to 3500 sq. meters. Plots are usually located near the beaches in well-developed condos. It is also possible to find land near the town area.

Bigger plots of land in prime areas and more suited for making luxury houses, resorts or residential condominiums could cost between R$1,000,000 and R$2,000,000. The land sizes could vary from 2500 to 6000 sq. meters.

Itacimirim is a nature lover’s paradise giving its residents and visitors plenty of opportunities to see a variety of birds, humpback whales and sea turtles. Its proximity to Praia do Forte gives it its commercial potential and its vast expanses of quiet beaches make the real estate here very attractive to those who want to live in a calm atmosphere in the company of nature. Take a look at the real estate for sale in Itacimirim and you are sure to find several interesting investment opportunities.