Marketing Mix – 4P’s of Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place & Promotion)

Marketing mix or 4P’s of marketing are the most common terms used in marketing since last 50 years. Major part of the marketing plan discusses marketing mix ingredients product, price, place and promotion in great deal. Marketers have to use marketing in best way to get results out of it.


Product refers to the first ‘P’ in marketing is the tangible or intangible product developed and offered to the customers in the market place. Television, computers, cars and etc are the examples of tangible products on the other hand laundry, repairs, telecommunication services and etc are the example of intangible products also known as services.


Price is the second ‘P’ in the marketing mix. The amount customer pays for purchasing the product from the market place is called the price of the product. Price is the second ‘P’ of marketing mix assigned to the product by company based on material, labor, competition, product cost, after sales services, competition, season, government regulations and etc.


The physical and virtual place for selling the product is known as place. It can be any store, outlet, online Website, warehouses, whole sale stores, distribution companies, retailers and etc. Any physical and virtual place directly interfaces to the final customers or immediate customers come under the category of place.


Promotion is the 4th and last ‘P’ of marketing mix. Promotion is the tool used by the marketers for marketing communication of products and services to the customer. Advertising, direct marketing, personal relations, Internet marketing are few means of promoting the products and services.

Digital Marketing in the Digital Age

Whatever business you are in, it ultimately converges to just two facts – to how many people did you sell your product or how many people availed your service. The figures cannot be quite impressive unless the masses know about you and try whatever you are offering. So how would you do it? Would you just arrange for a public address system and start talking about your product in the supermarkets or send some printed details and specifications of your product to a number of users? That will definitely be old style and not very useful in the present times. That is exactly where digital marketing solutions come into play.

To disperse essential information regarding the products, features or any technical specifications, the business organisations employ a number of media including the broadcasting, print and Internet. Digital marketing encompasses such exercises and the channels used include the Internet and telecommunication services like SMS and telephone calls. Digital marketing can be quite extensive and ask for a lot of money when multiple channels are being employed. At the same time it can be cost effective by availing inexpensive service like online marketing.

You must have seen some popular websites displaying advertisements at the top or pop up advertisements. The banner advertisements, the ones at the top, and pop ups are some of the tools employed in digital marketing practice. Online banner advertising does not cost much and a very good campaign would be a lot less than for any campaign on offline media. Then there are hundreds of social networking sites on which you can run you free campaigns in the form of postings.

After banner advertising, the most preferred ones are the e-mails and SMS services. Recently, people have also been engaged in doing marketing over Internet telephony. The list goes on, and with the passing of each day people happen to invent new tools to grab the audience. Digital marketing has an advantage to reach to the right person and deliver the right product information. That is a good deal for small business enterprises. Digital Marketing Solutions [] in fact are available to anyone and the strength of the enterprise or huge investments are not the prerequisites.

Home Based Network Marketing Business Review: How You Can Leverage A MLM Home Based Business

Home Based Network Marketing Business Review:

How You Can Leverage a MLM Home Based Business To Build A Residual Income That You Can Retire On! The Scam Theory Put To Bed.

Network Marketing Opportunities

Everyone has heard of them. They are called network marketing companies. Everyone has had a friend that has approached them with a network marketing “business opportunity” and asked them to “attend a meeting”. These MLM companies and the people who market these services and products seem to be just a little bit off the reservation at first glance. However, I think that there is quite a bit more than meets the eye with a handful of these network marketing companies when you look at their solid track records, and notice how much market share they have in the world’s top trillion dollar telecommunication industries.

The MLM Opportunity And The Power of Residual Income

Let’s pretend that we own a multi-billion dollar company, with a 20+ year track record, that is intimately involved with direct sales of telecommunication and energy services. The idea and the power behind the MLM business opportunity that exists, is very simple. This company is a world leader in telecommunication services, and they offer a host of them, including but not limited to, Satellite TV, Internet, Voip Phone, Merchant Services, Home Security, as well as electric and natural gas services.

The magic starts to happen when you look at the compensation plan, or in other words, when you look at how you get paid! The opportunity presents itself with the Independent Business Owner essentially becoming a telecommunications broker who has the ability to offer services from top companies such as; Verizon Wireless, DirecTV, Dish Network, Century Link, Cox, Time Warner, etc… the MLM opportunity gives its business owners the ability to market services that people already use everyday. The trick is showing people how a service can solve a problem, which is most often being able to save the consumer money on their monthly bills, and then inserting them into the billing cycle to take advantage of work that they did one time, in exchange for a residual paycheck for the lifetime of that account.

Every Time Someone Pays Their TV bill, You Get Paid!

Think about it! You can have the opportunity to network market DirecTV and the NFL Sunday Ticket to a million American Men who will do anything to be able to watch their favorite teams every Sunday, and you can get paid every month when they pay their bill. This creates a stream of income that will pay you multiple times over just for doing the work of landing an account only one time. This is called residual income and it rocks! This is the secret that only the super rich people know, and they are trying desperately to keep the lid on this one.

Let’s apply the same residual income stream model to natural gas and energy. Everyone who lives in a developed nation is going to be using and paying for electricity and natural gas for the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if you could get paid every time your neighbor paid his natural gas bill? How awesome would it be if you could go buy a brand new suit every time the local casino paid their electricity bill?

10,000 Credit Card Swipes Per Second Across The Globe! Merchant Services Have Arrived! How Can You Profit?

Last but not least, we should take a quick look at one of the most recent and exiting additions to the MLM arsenal of services that these companies offer to their reps for network marketing; merchant services. As home based business owners, we probably do a lot of business with local mom and pop shops on a daily basis. We also probably prospect and present our MLM opportunities to people in small cafĂ©’s or local coffee shops. How great would it be if we could make some money ever time someone swipes their credit card at one of these places? What if we knew a business that did $100,000 worth of credit volume a month, and we were able to take a small slice of that money every month for the rest of our lives? How big of a difference would and extra $500 a month make in your family’s lifestyle?

In my opinion, there is a massively huge opportunity in the MLM world when you start looking at MLM companies and their mix of competitive network marketing services that everyone already uses, and the immense training and support that they make available to their IBOs along the way. I think that anyone who is looking for a quality company to partner with for a residual income building business opportunity will find a host of different companies to choose from, so you should take great care when selecting your venture because you want to be passionate and involved with the products or services that you are going to be marketing. A MLM company, coupled with your motivation and drive is a wise choice and I believe this opportunity to be recession proof and very exciting when you think about the scope of the services that are offered.

I have been involved with several MLM business opportunities, and I have found that they are all similar in their business models, the only difference is the people whom you get involved with and the amount of time and effort that is required to become successful. I hope that you have found this article to be of help to you in some way, and I hope that your MLM business journey is prosperous and profitable!