What is the Difference Between PRI and T1 Service?

Recently, you may have been hearing a lot about T1 PRI services, but what exactly are they? T1 PRI can be best explained by separating these two individual aspects.

The term PRI refers to Primary Rate Interface. This is provided by the ISDN, or Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN provides two basic levels. The first, and most common, is known as BRI, or Basic Rate Interface. The second is known as PRI, or Primary Rate Interface. Both of these utilities are a method in which many voice and data transmissions can be sent and received over a single fiber-optic cable.

BRI provides 3 independent lines that can be used for voice or data. PRI is more robust and uses 24 channels to support individual threads, making it more geared towards businesses or other situations that require many voice lines or larger quantities of bandwidth to be delivered.

T1 service is actually not a service at all, but should be thought of more as hardware. This type of thread provides the necessary means for PRI service to be delivered to a location. In short, PRI is the actual service, while T1 is the hardware used for delivery.

A T1 line consists of 24 channels, which can each be used to serve a different purpose. All of them may be used to deliver 24 individual phone threads to a location, or may all be used to deliver bandwidth for data networks and Internet connections. Alternatively, the 24 channels may be split up and dedicated to voice or data in any combination, such as 12 lines of voice and 12 lines of bandwidth.

When used for bandwidth, each channel is capable of delivering 64 Kbps of data, meaning that a T1 line fully dedicated to bandwidth will provide 1.54 Mbps of data.

The real beauty of the utility is that the customer basically leases the T1 line itself. This means that the it is dedicated to this customer alone, providing reliable bandwidth for networking or Internet use at all times. This is as opposed to traditional methods of data delivery, in which lines are reused over and over and shared by several users, decreasing the quality of the connection. This is a process known as “switching” and can significantly decrease the quantity and quality of bandwidth being delivered.

5linx Explodes – Whats the Difference Between 5linx and ACN?

5linx has been popping up all over the place in the last recent years, starting with some very powerful income videos displayed on YouTube.

5linx to give you a small background is telecommunications company just like Excel communication. They obviously have advancements and offer different communicating equipment. As you know telecommunications is a very profitable industry, look at what Sprint has done with branding themselves on Nascar and major tv channels.

Don’t forget about the other 3 major carriers who are producing huge numbers even in this “bad economy”. 5linx has tapped into a market with a different form of advertising. They are helping the lives of others by sharing a unique product and opportunity to go out and create a residual income on the usage of services.

When was the last time T-mobile or any of the major carriers rewarded you for sharing their product? Last time I checked they have a termination fee that you have to pay in order to go to another company. What happened to your freedom as a consumer to go where-ever you like for better quality service?

Those are some of the key points that makes an opportunity like 5linx’s really make you think twice about what you are currently doing and how you are spending your valuable money on wireless service.

There is another big well known company out in the network marketing industry and they go by ACN telecommunications. They are also very heavily involved in helping people change their financial future by simply sharing the service and products they have to offer.

So as a interested person in 5linx or ACN, where do you being your research? Well before you go anywhere and start typing in keywords and spend useless hours all over the internet trying to find the wholes in these companies, lets talk about you for a moment.

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Your success with 5linx and ACN will be determined by the following key fundamentals:

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