Will Mobile VoIP Dialers Takeover PC Dialers?

Mobile dialers or soft dialers as they are also called, are taking over PC dialers slowly but steadily. With mobile dialers, VoIP providers can facilitate calls simply from the user’s mobile phone and a running internet connection, also known as mVoIP or Mobile VoIP. Instead of PC dialers where the user needs to be tied around a single place to make VoIP calls, mobile dialers add increased levels of mobility and eradicate all calling limitations.

Benefits of mobile VoIP dialers over PC dialers:

  1. Increased flexibility and mobility with calls possible always – no matter whether the user is online or on the go. Explains why VoIP providers advocate the use of mobile dialers over PC dialers. Even if the user is travelling, he enjoys uninterrupted service from the provider that multiplies his credibility. In places where internet is not available, DID calls can be made from the mobile dialer with call cards from the provider.
  2. With 2G, 3G and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), mobile VoIP dialers enable calls directly from the handset. VoIP providers can also extend their services to users who have not subscribed to any static data service. Instead of call credits from their telecom service providers, they prefer to buy the dialer from the VoIP provider. After installing the app, they can make free calls from Wi Fi hotspots. This is not possible with PC dialers unless Wi Fi is available locally which anyways will be the user’s own broadband connection.
  3. As contrary to the fact that the user should be in vicinity to the PC dialer, the users of mobile SIP dialers may roam from place to place and still be able to make calls through the dialer as long as internet or Wi Fi connection is available.
  4. This is the newest developments in VoIP. Apart from being feature-rich with mobile phone book integration and all the advanced calling functionalities, through mobile dialers, users can experience high quality of clear sound and zero interruption.
  5. Another issue associated with PC dialers is having a communication system dependent on PCs of varying specifications and power. The call quality of the user may be affected by processor drain. For example, a user may opt to open several other programs while calling/messaging through the PC dialer. This in turn saps the processor and affects the call quality. In worst cases, the call may be aborted or the system can crash midway. With PC dialers, phone calls are subject to the limitations of regular computer issues. The scenario is different for mobile dialers as people tend to mainly ‘talk’ or ‘text’ with their mobile phones at a time. However, the application is an updated one which supports multi-functional operations without affecting the call quality even if the user choses to do several tasks at a time.