Have a Taste of Cingular Wireless’ Free Ringtone

With the advent of the wireless telecommunication technology, people from different parts of the world are given the opportunity of communicating with their loved ones even they are away from their regular phone line. Wireless phone units started to be a popular gadget for so-called mobile people.

At the same time, it also gives birth to the wireless service provider industry whose mission is to provide wireless subscribers with the necessary mediums through enhanced wireless technology in order to facilitate communication between people, either local or a worldwide coverage. And Cingular Wireless is one of them.

Cingular Wireless is considered to be the largest wireless service provider in the United States with around 50 million customers availing of their wireless telecommunication services. With such a large market in the country as well as potentials of expanding their operation to the international community, it is no surprise that Cingular Wireless will find ways and enhance their services in order to attract more potential customers.

In addition, they are also aware of the high-level patronage of the young members of population when it comes to wireless phone services. Thus, services that fits their interest when it comes on customizing their mobile phone is one of the priorities of Cingular Wireless. One of which is the mobile phone applications which includes customizable ringtones.

Ringtones are one of the integral features of a mobile phone unit which alerts you whenever there is an incoming voice call, voice message, or even text message. Basically, it comes in three forms, which are as follows:

• The monotone is the most basic form which is compatible to all mobile phones, whether old or new models. It is composed of sequence of monotonous beeps set at various frequencies.

• The polyphonic tone is quite different from the previous from since it has now the ability of generating 16 distinctive sounds at once which creates a harmonic melody. Such ringtones are available on the latest models of mobile phones.

• The true tones, or also known as MP3 tones resembles the actual song itself—the voice (both vocals and background) and the instruments are exactly the same. Mobile phones that support MIDI, WAV, and MP3 sound configuration are the ones true tones are compatible.

If you are one of the 50 million Cingular Wireless subscriber and you want to avail of a free Cingular ringtone, there are two things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Make sure that the ringtone that you want to have is compatible with your mobile phone. You can ask the customer care representatives of Cingular Wireless about the mobile phones that support each kind of ringtone available in their database.

2. Since you are looking for some free ringtone download, you must be aware of the possible sources. Here are some of these sources where you can get your free Cingular ringtone.

a. You can visit different websites that offers free ringtone downloads for your Cingular mobile phone. If you are using the latest model of mobile phones, you can use the USB terminal on your personal computer and your phone’s USB cable in order to download the ringtone to your phone without any charges.

b. You may also access Cingular Wireless’ ringtone database through their wireless Internet services. They provide wireless portals where you can access their database.

c. You can also visit Cingular Wireless’ business centers where they offer free uploading of ringtones and other mobile phone applications.,

It is now up to you if what option you will take in order to have your free ringtone on your Cingular mobile phone. Always check out Cingular Wireless’ new services—they may include new avenues where you can download their ringtones for free.