Will Mobile VoIP Dialers Takeover PC Dialers?

Mobile dialers or soft dialers as they are also called, are taking over PC dialers slowly but steadily. With mobile dialers, VoIP providers can facilitate calls simply from the user’s mobile phone and a running internet connection, also known as mVoIP or Mobile VoIP. Instead of PC dialers where the user needs to be tied around a single place to make VoIP calls, mobile dialers add increased levels of mobility and eradicate all calling limitations.

Benefits of mobile VoIP dialers over PC dialers:

  1. Increased flexibility and mobility with calls possible always – no matter whether the user is online or on the go. Explains why VoIP providers advocate the use of mobile dialers over PC dialers. Even if the user is travelling, he enjoys uninterrupted service from the provider that multiplies his credibility. In places where internet is not available, DID calls can be made from the mobile dialer with call cards from the provider.
  2. With 2G, 3G and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), mobile VoIP dialers enable calls directly from the handset. VoIP providers can also extend their services to users who have not subscribed to any static data service. Instead of call credits from their telecom service providers, they prefer to buy the dialer from the VoIP provider. After installing the app, they can make free calls from Wi Fi hotspots. This is not possible with PC dialers unless Wi Fi is available locally which anyways will be the user’s own broadband connection.
  3. As contrary to the fact that the user should be in vicinity to the PC dialer, the users of mobile SIP dialers may roam from place to place and still be able to make calls through the dialer as long as internet or Wi Fi connection is available.
  4. This is the newest developments in VoIP. Apart from being feature-rich with mobile phone book integration and all the advanced calling functionalities, through mobile dialers, users can experience high quality of clear sound and zero interruption.
  5. Another issue associated with PC dialers is having a communication system dependent on PCs of varying specifications and power. The call quality of the user may be affected by processor drain. For example, a user may opt to open several other programs while calling/messaging through the PC dialer. This in turn saps the processor and affects the call quality. In worst cases, the call may be aborted or the system can crash midway. With PC dialers, phone calls are subject to the limitations of regular computer issues. The scenario is different for mobile dialers as people tend to mainly ‘talk’ or ‘text’ with their mobile phones at a time. However, the application is an updated one which supports multi-functional operations without affecting the call quality even if the user choses to do several tasks at a time.
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Denon AVR-391 Comment – AVR Receiver

The Denon AVR 391 does not have a lot of functionalities, but this Denon receiver is the advantageous Entry level AV receiver on the market and the first one from Denon in 2010 model line-up and I have to say that this beast is packed with all the basic feature, an entry-level AVR must have. Not all of us require an 8.1 channel Surround Sound system, but this 5.1 channel Surround Sound system can be extended to include two addition pre outs for Surround Back channels at an astonishing price point.

It’s equipped with 1080p compatible HDMI 1.4a Repeating technology (4 in, 1 out), with 3D pass through (all formats) allowing delivery of both audio and video to your HDTV with a single HDMI cable.

Audio return channel (ARC) is one of the new features promoted by HDMI 1.4, it’s a beneficial feature that allows TVs to send audio back to an AV receiver over the same HDMI cable that is carrying video from the receiver to the HDTV. That’s valuable if you’re using your HDTV’s over-the-air tuner or perhaps one of its built-in streaming telecommunication services (such as Netflix or Amazon VOD), and want to listen with your surround sound system. It’s not a revolutionary feature–it’s only saving you the hassle of making an extra coupling from the TV’s digital audio output–and it only works with new HDTVs that support ARC, but it’s still a nice bonus to simplify your home theater system.

It has a small number composite connections for audio and video. It also has a few digital audio connections (coaxial and optical).It decodes an abundance of all of the current HD audio codec’s.

Blu-ray movies look and sound phenomenal through this receiver. I have my PS3 and Xbox360 hooked up to it and my games sound incredible. I even have my Wii’s audio passing through this receiver and it sounds good too. It doesn’t have on screen menus, but configuring the speakers is pretty accessible using the unit’s display (it all has to be done manually). The remote isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. It’s fairly instinctive and easy to read. It’s not backlit or anything like that.

You can also connect and control your iPod/touch or iPhone using the front panel controls for ipod connectivity and Dolby Pro Logic IIx, which provides Music, Cinema and Game modes, all of them make this Denon AVR the best out there in its line. When connecting iPod and other MP3 players, the AVR-391 features Denon’s exclusive Compressed Audio Restorer to ameliorate sound quality and dynamics.

Among the complete features, the powerful 5 channel x 110W (6-ohms, 1kHz, 5 x 75W 8-ohms, 20 – 20kHz) amplifier section delivers detail and dynamics to music and movie soundtracks HDMI connectivity supports the latest generation surround sound formats available on Blu-ray disc, including Dolby TrueHD and DD+, dts-HD and dts-HR.

Highly suggested for those who just need an entry-level, affordable AVR, but also don’t want to compromise on any of these feature listed above.

Marketing Mix – 4P’s of Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place & Promotion)

Marketing mix or 4P’s of marketing are the most common terms used in marketing since last 50 years. Major part of the marketing plan discusses marketing mix ingredients product, price, place and promotion in great deal. Marketers have to use marketing in best way to get results out of it.


Product refers to the first ‘P’ in marketing is the tangible or intangible product developed and offered to the customers in the market place. Television, computers, cars and etc are the examples of tangible products on the other hand laundry, repairs, telecommunication services and etc are the example of intangible products also known as services.


Price is the second ‘P’ in the marketing mix. The amount customer pays for purchasing the product from the market place is called the price of the product. Price is the second ‘P’ of marketing mix assigned to the product by company based on material, labor, competition, product cost, after sales services, competition, season, government regulations and etc.


The physical and virtual place for selling the product is known as place. It can be any store, outlet, online Website, warehouses, whole sale stores, distribution companies, retailers and etc. Any physical and virtual place directly interfaces to the final customers or immediate customers come under the category of place.


Promotion is the 4th and last ‘P’ of marketing mix. Promotion is the tool used by the marketers for marketing communication of products and services to the customer. Advertising, direct marketing, personal relations, Internet marketing are few means of promoting the products and services.